Dermapen Therapy per area $229

Additional areas in same session $99           15% discount for 4 treatments pre-purchased



What is it?

Also known as medical dermal needling, this procedure is done with a vibrational stamping device that uses very fine needles to promote tissue stimulation and skin rejuvenation. Vertical penetration of very fine needles to create infusion channels into the skin to instantly create hydration with hyaluronic acid and stimulate collagen production.  This is unlike any ablative heat based technology such as lasers, it acts constructively, whilst leaving the skin intact. Medical dermal needling treatment does not damage the skin, there is no skin burning and skin coagulation and can be performed on any skin type


What is it used for?

  • tissue and skin regeneration

  • reducing enlarged pores

  • collagen induction

  • stretch marks

  • sebaceous-gland (oil flow) regulation

  • pigmentation

  • skin tightening

  • scar reduction and acne scars

  • improving the skins texture

  • hair loss


What results will I see?

New skin cells are stimulated and blood flow is enhanced immediately following the treatment. visible results are usually seen within six weeks of your first treatment, with continuing results over the following months with new collagen growth from about 12 weeks. Your skin will continue to improve over 6-12 months


How often can I have treatment?  

Skin rejuvenation, collagen production:  4-6 weeks

Acne and pigmentation: 2-4 weeks





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