LED               $99 per treatment         15% discount for 4 treatments pre-purchased

                      $49 when added onto another treatment


What it it?

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology was Developed by NASA over 40 years ago for astronauts to combat health and healing issues in space. It was discovered that LED's deliver enough energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself and reverse the aging process.  The skin has the amazing ability to absorb light and transform it into energy that can stimulate healing through cellular regeneration, the ability to replace old damaged skin cells with new healthy ones.  The light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and suppresses collagenase, the enzyme that breaks down collagen and accelerates ageing. Our machine combines red and blue led with infra red.  Infra red helps turn the clock back, improving skin quality, tone and texture, reducing age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It also speeds up the healing process helping to soothe the skin post treatment, speed up cell renewal, increase wound healing and alleviate the pain from conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis.


What is it used for?


  • acne, 

  • fine lines 

  • wrinkles

  • reduction of pore size

  • collagen production

  • pigmentation 

  • acne scarring 

  • rosacea 

  • hydration

  • elastin formation

  • promotes healing

  • cell renewal

  • increases skin volume and tone

  • deeper penetration of active ingredients in topical skincare products

  • pain relief

  • post operativey to promote healing



What results will I see?

Our machine uses a variety of different coloured lights to target specific concerns and to ensure maximum results.  Blue light therapy is used to eliminate bacteria, excellent for acne and oily/ acne prone skin.  The red light therapy calms and heals the skin, promoting collagen and elastin production as well as cell renewal.  This is a perfect light for reducing wrinkles, hydrating the skin and helps with overall face firmness.  Near-infrared light targets the cells involved in amplifying collagen and elastin formation, providing deeper stimulation and greater skin volume.

LED can be added onto any of the other treatments performed in the clinic to help reduce bruising, reduce healing time and enhance treatment outcomes


How often can I have treatment?

1-2 times a week for a course of treatment usually over a 3-6 week period









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